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Services offered at Mughlai Punjab restaurant in Dubai

Satrang Foods Dubai, the best chat place in Karama companies and events, is committed to meeting your every need and ensuring personal and professional service. They are Dubai's premier catering company and take care of furniture, decoration, set-up, cleaning and entertainment to ensure you and your guests have a great time at your event.

The Satrang Hood offers a number of different settings to suit your situation. Our catering services include private parties at Punjabi Mughlai restaurants in Dubai, children's birthday parties, corporate/private gatherings or large coordinated events.

A mobile kiosk in your home can serve canapes in a specific location, plates in your office, or anything else. We are flexible and always looking for the best options to provide the highest level of service.

The Satrang Food Kiosk is the best Mughlai restaurant in Dubai that can be easily installed at your home or event venue. This versatile, fun and attractive cabin is branded with red Satrang Food catering units and rustic natural wood stations.

They specialize in catering for special occasions such as baby showers and gender reveal parties. Thanks to our professional catering services in Dubai, we can arrange this unique occasion for you and make it a memorable experience for you and your guests.

They offer a wide range of bespoke canapés, snacks and buffets for birthdays and anniversaries. As part of our home catering services in Dubai, Satrang Food Catering offers chicken and burgers at your home kiosk.

Commercial catering

We combine business with pleasure at upcoming business events: the pleasure of enjoying a delicious breakfast and lunch. Mughlai restaurant's sandwich and burger plates in Karama along with food and drinks can be delivered directly to your workplace.

Satrang Food Catering offers on-site catering for groups of 10 to 600 people, as well as for team-building exercises, office parties, board meetings and more.

They have a perfect sitting arrangement for around 600 guests seated dining setups, for award functions or any other commercial meeting. Contrary to that, they have excellent birthday packages if a commercial organisation wishes to celebrate the birthday of their worker can book regular and annual birthday packages.

Wedding Catering

The prices and packages offered by the catering company are very important. Satrang Food offers you the best wedding caterer Dubai they give you the perfect track of your wedding budget and estimates. From appetizers to entrees, the cost per plate and customization options, if any, should be discussed.

It is very important to check if the catering is available for the date and time you require. When checking availability, you should ask if it is in the same city as the wedding venue or if you will need to travel to your destination. If you need to travel, you should plan your transportation before booking and be clear about your dates and how to proceed. Location is very important.

Each city has special dishes. In fact, every culture has special wedding dishes. Apart from these, caterers may also be good at preparing certain types of food. This special menu should be discussed with the chef. At Satrang Food you will find a variety of menus from each corner.