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Affection of Mughlai Food in Dubai

Mughals brought Mughlai food all over the world. The invention of Mughal food can be attributed to the Mughals. Moreover, It is the Mughals who have explored the taste of Mughlai food throughout the globe. Mughlai food has been elevated for several centuries.

Popular Mughlai Food in DUBAI

Gazar ka halwa
It is a royal dessert fit for Kings. It is a rich and delicious Indian sweet made with grated carrot, ghee, sugar, and saffron.


It likely originated in the Mughal Empire. It was prepared using ice brought by the Himalayas. And has become popular all over the origin. It makes you feel refreshed during hot summer days.

Malai Kofta

It is a classic North Indian dish that originated from the Mughlai cuisine. Malai is the cream that comes from milk. Koftas are deeply fried paneer balls. It is prepared on special occasions such as marriage ceremonies, or any other parties. is taken It is well eatable with chapati, naan, jeera rice, all pulaos, and parathas.


Mughlai food is known for its richness. It is famous for its exotic use of spices, dried fruits, and nuts. This can be truly called the Queen of Mughal cuisine.

Kadhai Gosht

It is quite popular on the wedding menu. A classic curry of lamb or mutton in a spiced yogurt stock. A special thing about this cuisine is that it is prepared and served in a dish called ‘kadhai’.

Chicken Tikka

Tikka is small pieces of boneless chicken. It is prepared in tandoor after marinating it with spices and curd. It is an essential step of tandoori chicken.

Murg Shorba

All the spices that are used in making pickles are used in making the dish. This delicious dish goes well with chapatis(Indian flatbread), parathas(fried Indian flatbread), or naans (flatbread made in tandoor or oven).

Seekh Kebabs

It is prepared with minced meat with spices and grilled on skewers. It is only cooked in a tandoor and is usually served with chutneys or mint sauce.

Gosht Nihari

Nihari is a spicy-hot slow-cooked curry made with beef or mutton. Nihari is eaten with Kashmiri Roti or Naan. The dish has a stew-like consistency. It is spicy and hot with generous amounts of red chili pepper. The meet is browned in Ghee. Thel curry masala in gosht nihari is made by frying ground onions and spices.

Tawa gosht

Tawa gosht is a tasty dish using mutton and other spices which are cooked on the tawa to get a unique taste.

Mughlai food is a very luscious cuisine. Mughlai food is filled with flavors of royalness and a

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