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Experience Authentic Punjabi Cuisine at the Best Punjabi Restaurant in Dubai

Organising an event may occasionally be difficult for many individuals. Understanding the many food options is essential to organising and, ultimately, carrying out a successful event for your visitors. Therefore, it's crucial that you get familiar with your possibilities before making a decision. The manner of service, cost, and variety of caterers vary from one catering business to the next.

Ask yourself the following questions before deciding on a certain catering company: What is the scope of my budget? What is the anticipated number of guests? What kind of event am I having? What time of year is it? What season is it? You may select the service that best matches your occasion by taking these aspects into consideration.

When catering a special event, it's crucial for the caterer to realise that, even if it's normal practice, for the client it can be the most significant day of the year or even more. As a family-run catering business, Satrang Foods takes delight in making sure that you are our top priority during the whole event.

Best chaat places in karama specialise in informal, enjoyable, and relaxed events like backyard pig roasts or BBQs, but we will also dress up and serve you in tuxedos and white gloves.

Best punjabi restaurant in dubai features -


Mughlai food restaurant in karama will do best to accommodate any impromptu gatherings you might have. The day or the time may need to be flexible, but we can usually find a solution for your last-minute requirements.


Corporate catering Dubai will remain as long as you need us to, but typically we serve appetisers for an hour, the main course for an hour and a half, and then dessert. Most parties last 6 to 10 hours on average, depending on the level of service needed.


In order to reserve the day, there is a booking charge of 15% of the meal and tax. The remainder is due seven days before the event if using a check or credit card, or the day of the event if you prefer to pay cash before we set up. We will send you an invoice when you give us the final amount ten days before the event.

Unfortunately, Top catering companies in Dubai are unable to provide any rain dates because we only execute a maximum of 2 events per day and are typically fully booked. Just be aware that we are ready to cook in both rain and shine. Unfortunately, you will lose your booking fee if you cancel before the final number is announced.