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Punjabi Recipes- If you miss, you will regret!

Punjabi cuisine has a wide variety, which is one of its most outstanding features. Vegetarian food is as delicious, even if meat lovers can never get enough of the timeless Bhuna Gosht, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and Amritsar Machchi.

A few vegetarian Punjabi specialties with a global following are Sarson da Saag, Chole Bhature, and Dal Makhni. When you think about Punjab, images of its earthy past, rich green fields, and vigorous way of life come to mind. Punjab stands out from the remaining states due to its rich culinary heritage; the word "food" is practically associated with the state.

Punjabis are as rich, strong, lively, and full of spirit as Punjabi cuisine. Punjabi cuisine is well-known throughout North India for its bold flavours and filling ingredients, and you can taste the best Punjabi food in Dubai .

Punjab is the origin of true tandoori cuisine. The 'tandoor' is thought to have its roots in Iran and was brought to Hindustan by the Arabs. The first people to master the art of tandoor cooking were those who lived in the area known as Punjab at the time. Tandoori chicken is thought to have been created in Peshawar as recently as the 1930s when it rose to popularity.

Some of the famous Punjabi dishes that you can experience in the best Punjabi Restaurant in Dubai

Lemon Chicken from Punjab

Citrus liquids, sugarcane juice, and other traditional Indian spices are used to make Punjabi lemon chicken.

Channe, Pindi

Potatoes and hot chickpeas were combined in a variety of masalas with a flavorful explosion. One of the well-known dishes from the Punjab province is "Pindi Channe."

Murg Pindi wala Bhatti

A hidden gem from the streets of Punjab is bhatti da murgpindiwala, where the chicken is grilled over charcoal. Perfectly grilled chicken legs have been marinated in exquisite spices for an entire night. You will definitely fall in love with this since it will melt in your mouth.

Amirtsari Kulcha

Amritsari kulchas are the ideal Punjabi food to make at home because they are made with refined flour, potato filling, ginger, coriander seeds, onions, and other ingredients. Kulchas cooked with canola oil are part of this recipe.

Pakodi in Punjabi

The best Punjabi kadhi is a delectable creamy gravy served with soft fried pakodis. Indian households frequently serve this dish for lunch since it is made with gramme flour, spices, and chiles. It is typically accompanied by rice and covered in laal-mirch ka tadka.


Here is a fantastic Punjabi meal that will make your dinner party shine. This recipe uses chicken pieces that are cooked in a mixture of masalas, milk, and cream without the use of any oil or ghee.

The Paneer Tikka

These fast paneer snacks are perfect for that last-minute dinner party. Warm paneer chunks that have been covered in a mixture of masalas and grilled on skewers.