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Punjab and its indigenous cuisines

Sometimes you might be thinking of the best chaat in Dubai, your wish will be done at our Punjabi restaurant, but before that let us have a discussion about Punjab itself.In both North East Pakistan and North West India, Punjab is a region with five rivers. Punjab is five waters because punj means 5 and aab means water. These five rivers are the Chenab, Jhelum, Chenab, Satluj, and Ravi.

The state is divided into three regions: Majha, Doaba, and Malwa by these five rivers. Punjab benefits from its natural beauty and rich, productive soil. The oldest farming on the planet is in Punjab, which also has a unique language, culture, cuisine, dress, writing, folklore, and population.

Dishes from Punjab

Punjabi cuisine offers a wide range of delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Home cooking and restaurant cuisine are two different things in Punjab.

Use desi ghee, butter, and cream in restaurants to make dishes that are mouthwatering and finger-licking good. In contrast, many choose to use refined oils like sunflower or other oils while cooking at home with the goal of preparing low-fat meals.

Sarson ka saag, Chicken karahi, Chicken Tandori, Shahi paneer, Dal makhani, Rajma, Chole, Aloo, makki di Roti, Naan, Puri, Papad, Lassi, Phulka, Kheer,rabri, and the stick kulfi in Dubai are the primary traditional Punjabi foods.

What Punjabi cuisine should you try?

Punjabis are highly serious about their food. Punjabi food is meticulously cooked with love and a variety of spices and sauces. The food is flavorful and bursting with richness.

Over time, Punjabi food has absorbed a lot of Pakistani influence, creating a delicious fusion of cultures. When visiting Punjab, make sure to sample some of the cuisine's most well-known delicacies. A trip to this state wouldn't be complete without experiencing the traditional cuisines of Punjab. Discover a couple of them now.

The Kada Prashad

At the Gurudwara, it signifies the Prashad which is given out. This delicacy, which was made using whole wheat flour, ghee, and sugar, might just rank among the best things you've ever eaten. This delectable halwa is made with only love.

Butter Chicken

Perhaps the most well-known Punjabi meal is this one. Restaurants all around the nation and frequently the world attempt to duplicate this famous meal in their kitchens. This meal will blow your mind thanks to its rich, creamy texture, luscious beef chunks, the real flavour of kasurimethi, and a generous amount of butter. It complements naan or rumaali roti wonderfully.

Lassi with Malai

Every household and restaurant in Punjab makes lassi, which is a beverage that Punjabis are quite proud of. Lassi, a drink popular in Punjab, is traditionally sweet, creamy, and topped with a lot of malai (cream). Mango, strawberry, and rose flavours are just a few of the many available in lassi. It is the perfect beverage to sip on to cool yourself on a hot summer day full with sightseeing activities.