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Host an exciting Indian Wedding in Dubai

Dubai is a multi-cultural city where people from different nations and ethnicities live in complete harmony. In such a diverse society, Inter-community marriages are also a thing. Since Indians are the leading majority, Indian weddings are observed in various areas. You can tell from a distance that it's an Indian wedding by just looking at the festivities. Many wedding planners in Dubai look for the services of reliable Wedding Catering Dubai to go in line with the overall wedding theme. If you are going for an inter-community marriage, we have some brilliant ideas to incorporate some elements of an Indian wedding on your big day.


Food is one of the biggest attractions of a wedding. To be honest, we are also guilty of going to some weddings just to enjoy good food. If the food is not good at your wedding, guests are most likely to remind you of their disappointment for the rest of your life. So you have to make sure that the food you serve is one of the best. If you want to add an Indian touch to your food, nothing works better than going for a desi cuisine. You can find plenty of Indian dishes best for a wedding such as biryani, palak paneer, tikka, cholypuri, and so much more. You can also use some dessert ideas such as kulfi or jalebi at the end of the meal to remind your guests of some desi vibes.


Bollywood songs are hard to miss when it comes to Indian weddings. Whether you want to dance or not, Indian wedding songs are a perfect recipe to bring an otherwise boring function make exciting. The music adds festivity to the event and if you have friends that are happy to shake their legs, you are going to have a most memorable evening. Even if you don't have much music to add, you can add desi dhol (drums) to the wedding. Dhol is a popular wedding instrument used in India and Pakistan. It is just an amazing tool to set the mood and tone of the event.


If you are not going for a full-fledge Indian wedding, you can incorporate some elements from the rich culture into your wardrobe. For instance, men could wear pink turbans, common at Indian weddings. Women can use bindis or wear some bangles to bring a desi touch. There is so much you can do with your dresses for an Indian vibe.At Satrang food, we have served hundreds of customers in Dubai amazing Indian food. We are one of the Top Catering Companies In Dubai that have years of experience in serving the thriving food market in Dubai. We are the proud owners of three top-notch Indian-styled restaurants that feature Mughlai cuisine, Punjabi food, and street food. If you are looking to serve some delicious Indian food at your wedding, contact us at Satrang food.