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  • 055 596 4291 / 04 379 5238


  • 20AED


    Freshly squeezed lime juice mild spices and

    mint churned with still water.

  • 30AED

    Fresh Juice           

    Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon

  • 22AED

    Milk Shake        

    Mango, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla

  • 22AED


    A classic cooler of almonds dried rose petals,

    melon seeds and aniseeds.

  • 22AED

    Lassi (Sweet or Salt)

    Sweet or salt churned yoghurt.

  • 19AED

    Jal Jeera

    A refreshing drink flavored with roasted cumin,

    mint and lemon.

  • 19AED

    Chass (Masala or Plain)

    Plain or spiced buttermilk.


  • 28AED

    Jehangiri Shorba      

    Rich extract from the trotters flavored with saffron

    and Indian herbs.

  • 28AED

    Murg Badam ka Shorba      

    Specialty of Awadh, delicately infused almonds

    with the chicken soup.

  • 25AED

    Dal Shorba          

    Slightly thick lentil soup flavored with mild Indian spices.

  • 25AED

    Palak Soup           

    A rich and creamy Indian style spinach soup.

  • 25AED

    Tamatar Dhiniya ka Shorba

    A light tomato soup flavored with fresh coriander.

  • 25AED

    Tomato Soup

    Fresh tomatoes cooked to perfection delicately spiced.


Salad & Chatpata

  • 15AED

    Plain Curd

  • 20AED

    Choice of Raita                       


    Boondi, Pineapple, Mix Vegetable, Mint, Onion,

  • 30AED

    Choice of Pakoda                   


    Mix Veg, Onion, Chilly, Paneer

    Chick pea flour fritters with the above mentioned choices.

  • 20AED

    Makai Bhel                      

    American corn niblets tossed with onion,

    tomatoes and puffed rice, spiced with sweet, sour and spice.

  • 25AED

    Papdi Chat                 

    A mouth watering combination of crispies,

    cubes of potato laced with yoghurt and tamarind chutney .

  • 25AED

    Aloo Channa Chat      


    A tangy mix of chick peas and potatoes.

  • 25AED

    Russian Salad                            

    Blanched vegetables tossed with pine apple

    finished with mayonnaise and cream .

  • 25AED

    Tossed Salad                           

    Fresh exotic vegetables tossed with

    extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

  • 25AED

    Greek Salad

    The classic Greek salad.

  • 20AED

    Green Salad

    Garden fresh vegetables presented on a platter.

  • 20AED

    Kachumber Salad

    Dices of fresh vegetables dressed with lemon

    juice salt and fresh coriander leaves.

Kebab-E-Khass Chicken

  • 50 / 85AED

    Tandoori Chicken (Half or Full)                     

    All time favorite- chicken on the bone marinated

    with the traditional tandoori masala and cooked slowly

    on the charcoal tandoor.

  • 50AED

    Murg Seek Kebab           

    Mildly spiced chicken minced wrapped around the

    skewers and cooked in the charcoal tandoor.

  • 50AED

    Murg Hazarvi Kebab          

    Succulent chicken morsels marinated with yoghurt,

    garlic, kasuri methi, chopped ginger and cheese finished in the clay oven.

  • 50AED

    Murg Tangdi Kebab                                     

    Chicken drum stick marinated with herbs and spices

    char grilled in the tandoor.

  • 50AED

    Murg Pahadi Kebab   

    Chicken chunks marinated beautifully with a mix of

    fresh coriander and mint, mildly spiced and finished in the clay oven.

  • 50AED

    Murg Sunheri Kebab

    Boneless chicken thighs marinated with caraway seeds,

    cream, kasuri methi, nut meg finished with egg white.

Kebab-E-Khass Mutton

  • 65AED

    Mutton Barrah Kebab     

    Tender lamb chops marinated with chefs special

    spices and cooked in the tandoor.

  • 60AED

    Galawat ke Kebab        

    Lamb mince blended with awdhi herbs and spices,

    pan-fried simply melts in the mouth.

  • 60AED

    Shahi Shammi Kebab            

    Mutton mince and Bengal gram cooked to perfection

    with spoices, shaped into dumplingand shallow fried.

  • 60AED

    Mutton Seek Kebab                

    Mildly spiced lamb minced wrapped around the

    skewers and cooked in the charcoal tandoor

  • 60AED

    Mutton Kakori Kebab

    An awdhi speaciality of finely minced lambflavoured

    with saffron, rose petals and cardamom cooked on a skewer.

  • 60AED

    Mutton Seek Kebab

    Mildly spiced lamb minced wrapped around the

    skewers and cooked in the charcoal tandoor.

Kebab-E-Khass Sea-food

  • 88AED

    Prawns Koliwada          

    Prawns marinated with lemon juice and spices coated

    with batter and deep fried.

  • 88AED

    Lassoni Jhinga               

    Prominent flavors of garlic to bring out the best of flavors.

  • 88AED

    Hariyali Prawns                

    Marinated with paste of fresh coriander,

    mint and a bunch of fine spices.

  • 88AED

    Tandoori Prawns        

    Tiger prawns marinated with traditional

    tandoori masala and grilled to perfection.

  • 88AED

    Jhinga Mehrunnisa                                     

    Prawns flavored with cardamom, carom seeds

    and lemon grilled to perfection.

  • 75AED

    Surmai Tawa Fry                                                      

    Chunks of king fish marinated with robust

    Indian spices and herbs and shallow fried.

  • 75AED

    Tandoori Pomfret                                  

    Fresh pomfret marinated with tandoori masala

    and cooked to perfection

  • 65AED

    Fish Koliwada     

    Chunks of fish marinated with lemon juice and

    spices coated with batter and deep fried.

  • 65AED

    Mahi Fish Tikka

  • 65AED

    Ajwaini Fish Tikka

    Juicy fish chunks marinatred with yoghurt,

    tandoori spices and flavored with carom seeds.

  • 65AED

    Fish Kalimirch Tikka

    Beautiful sole chunks delicately marinated

    with cracked pepper finished in charcoal oven.

Kebab-E-Khass Vegeterian

  • 45AED

    Tandoori Babycorn   

    Baby corn at its best.

  • 45AED

    Dingri Lajabab                 

    Mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese flavored

    with Indian spices and cooked in tandoor.

  • 40AED

    Tandoori Aloo         

    Baby potatoes marinated with tandoori herbs and spices.

  • 45AED

    Choice of Tikki                 

    Aloo Tikki, Hariyali Tikki, Rajma Tikki,

    Channa Tikki, Suran ki Tikki

  • 44AED

    Dahi Kastoori Kebab           

    A mix of hung curd, cottage cheese flavored

    with kasuri methi and cardamom powder cooked on a skewer.

  • 44AED

    Dahi ke Kebab            

    Hung curd flavored with ginger, green chillies

    roasted cumin powder and deep fried.

  • 45AED

    Paneer Malai Seek Kebab

    Cottage cheese kebab glazed with mozzarella cheese

    and cream flavored with delicate spices.

  • 45AED

    Stuffed Paneer Tikka

    Chunks of cottage cheese stuffed with cheese and

    nuts marinated with tandoori masala cooked in tandoor.


  • 200AED

    Seafood platter

  • 165AED

    Non vegetarian platter

  • 110AED

    Vegetarian platter

Handi Lajabab Chciken

  • 60AED

    Dum ka Murg                           

    Pot roasted chicken in ground nutty gravy.

  • 60AED

    Murg Begam Bahar        

    Boneless chicken and chicken mince cooked

    with chefs special blend of spices.

  • 60AED

    Murg Patiyala            

    Succulent pieces of boneless chicken cooked in onion a

    and cashew paste with a hint of tomatoes finished with cream.

  • 60AED

    Chicken Tikka Butter Masala        

    It’s the national dish of the United Kingdom.

  • 60AED

    Murg Lababdar                      

    Chicken cooked in rich onion and tomato based sauce.

  • 60AED

    Janglee Murg             

    Chicken chunks cooked beautifully flavored rustic

    spinach, fresh fenugreek leaves and a hint of mint and coriander.

  • 60AED

    Murg Kadai           

    Chicken cubes in broiled spices finished with onions and pepper.

Handi Lajabab Ghost

  • 65AED

    Gosht Saagwala        

    Tender lamb and spinach puree cooked to perfection

    with exotic herbs and spices.

  • 65AED

    Mutton Kadai               

    Lamb chunks marinated and cooked in broiled spices

    and finished with diced onions and pepper.

  • 65AED

    Lal Mass                    

    A true Rajasthani delicacy.

  • 65AED

    Tawa Gosht             

    A tangy lamb preperation cooked over a griddle

    finished with bell pepper and onions.

  • 65AED

    Keema Kaleji               

    Indian minced lamb cooked with lamb liver

    cooked over slow fire in spicy Indian masala.

  • 65AED

    Rara Gosht             

    A perfect mélange of lamb ribs, chunks

    and mince cooked in chef’s special spices.

  • 65AED

    Ghost Rogan Josh   

    A Kashmiri lamb delicacy.

Handi Lajabab Sea-food

  • 80AED

    Fish Masala (Sole, Pomfret, Surmai)          

    Chef’s special fish preparation.

  • 95AED

    Jhinge ka Salan       

    King prawns cooked and finished in a special Awadhi sauce.

  • 95AED

    Tandoori Prawns Masala                   

    Char grilled prawns in a robust onion and tomato sauce.

Handi Lajabab Vegetarian

  • 40AED

    Dal Panchmeal                        

    A mix of five lentils cooked together and finished

    with cumin, onion and garlic.

  • 40AED

    Dal Makhani                     

    Whole black lentils cooked with red kidney beans cooked

    overnight on a slow heat, tomatoes, and fenugreek and finished with cream and butter.

  • 35AED

    Yellow Dal (Fry/ Tadka)             

    Split yellow lentils tempered with cumin seeds,

    Kashmir chilies, golden brown onions and garlic.

  • 40AED

    Dum Aloo Bhojpuri    

    Baby potatoes cooked in traditional Bhojpuri gravy in their traditional style

  • 40AED

    Baingan ka Bharta      

    Tandoor roasted egg plant cooked in freshly

    chopped onions and tomatoes giving a creamy feel in your pallet

  • 40AED

    Channa (Pindi or Masala)       

    Chick peas simmered with cumin seeds, chilies

    and whole Punjabi spices.

  • 45AED


     Punjabi,Dil Khus, Malai

    Dumpling in preferred sauce.

  • 45AED

    Mushroom Mutter Masala    


    Fresh button mushrooms tossed with green peas

    and finished with onion and spices

  • 40AED

    Subz Butter Masala                                 

    Mixed vegetables in a rich creamy tomato gravy.

  • 45AED

    Bhindi Do Pyaza             

    Lady figure tossed with freshly diced onion

    and capsicum finished with mild spices.

  • 52AED

    Methi Chaman                  

    A must try cottage cheese and fresh fenugreek

    combination cooked to perfection.

  • 52AED

    Palak Paneer            

    Juicy chunks of paneer cooked in rich spinach gravy

    making it a delectable choice.

  • 52AED

    Kadai Paneer                 

    Succulent pieces of paneer cooked in Indian wok-(kadai)

    with broiled spices and onion gravy

  • 52AED

    Paneer Lababdar       

    Fresh cheese chunks cooked in rich gravy.

  • 52AED

    Paneer Chatpata          

    Cottage cheese tossed with bell peppers and tomatoes

    in a slightly tangy gravy.

Roti Wali Galli

  • 19AED

    Stuffed Kulcha

    Aloo, Gobi, Mix Veg, Onion,

  • 12AED

    Roomali Roti

  • 7/8AED

    Garlic Naan

  • 7/8AED


  • 35AED

    Roti ki Tokri                                     

    A basket of assorted Indian breads.

  • 25AED

    Keema Paratha

  • 19AED

    Stuffed Paratha                

    Aloo, Gobi, Mix Vegetable, Onion.

  • 9AED

    Laccha Paratha

  • 6/7AED

    Tawa Chappati

  • 6/7AED

    Tandoori Roti

Basmati Ki Shaan Non – Vegetarian

  • 95AED

    Prawns Biryani                                    

    A fragrant rice preparation with fresh herbs and aromatic

    spices slow cooked on with layers of prawns and rice.

  • 70AED

    Fish Biryani Dum           

    A fragrant rice preparation with fresh herbs and aromatic spices

    slow cooked on with layers of fish and rice.

  • 55AED

    Murg Zafrani Pulao           

    A traditional rice preparation cooked with

    boneless chicken flavored with saffron.

  • 45AED

    Egg Dum Biryani         

    A fragrant rice preparation with fresh herbs and

    aromatic spices slow cooked on with layers of boiled egg and rice.

  • 66AED

    Mutton Dum Biryani        

    A fragrant rice preparation with fresh herbs and

    aromatic spices slow cooked on with layers of lamb and rice.

  • 60AED

    Chicken Dum Biryani     

    A fragrant rice preparation with fresh herbs and

    aromatic spices slow cooked on with layers of chicken and rice.

Basmati Ki Shaan Vegetarian

  • 45AED

    Vegetable Biryani                   

    A fragrant rice preparation with fresh herbs and aromatic spices

    slow cooked on with layers of vegetables and rice.

  • 25AED


    Kashmiri, Mix Vegetable, Onion or peas.

  • 22AED

    Jeera Rice

  • 20AED

    Steam Rice

Mithi Mulakateen

  • 32AED

    Kulfi Falooda                               

    A street side speciality from Mumbai, must try it.

  • 25AED

    Choice of Ice Cream     

    Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Malai Kulfi, Mango,

  • 25AED

    Moong Dal Halwa              

    Yellow lentil surprisingly cooked in a different way,

    simmered with milk and condensed milk.

  • 32AED

    Gajjar ka Halwa (Seasonal)              

    Grated carrots tempered with clarified butter and

    simmered with full cream milk and nuts.

  • 25AED

    Shahi Tukra                   

    Golden fried bread, soaked in saffron milk dressed

    with thickened sweet milk garnished with nuts and sliver leaf.

  • 25AED


    Cottage cheese dumpling cooked and soaked in thickened sweet milk.

  • 32AED


  • 20AED

    Gulab Jamun                  

    Condensed milk dumpling deep fried in clarified butter

    and soaked in sugar syrup, garnished with nuts